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Virtual Art Camps Via Zoom

Taught Live by an Interactive Artist

Zoom through Summer with Create Mix and Mingle for campers 6-16!

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 Offering Virtual Art Classes in Acrylic Painting, Sculpture, Sketching/Drawing, Skateboard Art and Watercolor Painting

2 Hour Sessions offered for 5 day Weekly or Daily, AM- 10:00-12:00 and PM- 1:00-3:00 

Please see Schedule for Details.

All sessions require an Art Kit - purchased separately.

The price for the 5 Day Weekly AM or PM Session is $240 plus an Art Kit purchased separately, or Daily for $60 per session plus an Art Kit. See Schedule and Material Pricing Below.

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Summer 2021 Camps

June - August  2021


 2021 Summer Camp Schedule


2021 virtual Camp Pricing

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What we offer...

Students engage in a week of interactive art sessions on Zoom, led by our talented artists who know just how to connect and inspire creativity. Kids create one project per session, learning new skills while developing technique and style based on the specific medium being taught.
*Skateboard Design Classes will include 1 skateboard to be completed over the course of the week.

Acrylic Painting

Boys painting 

Our professional and talented artist will teach your child a specific set of acrylic painting skills that enables them to create a wall-ready masterpiece each session. After the course, your child will have learned fundamentals such as color theory, form, and composition so they can continue painting independently!

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Watercolor Painting

Camper enjoying watercolor


Students discover a new way to be creative by learning how to paint with watercolors. Watercolor painting teaches students to slow down and concentrate on how they are guiding the water to create unique landscapes and characters. After the course, students will be able to utilize learned fundamentals such as wet and dry painting techniques, color building, gradients, and washes, to create one-of-a-kind illustrations.

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Sketching & CartooningCamper sketching


Sketching is an act of self-expression that translates across a variety of mediums. In this course, students will unlock the ability to bring their ideas to life by learning character development and drawing fundamentals such as sketching, shading, and line.

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Camper enjoying clay


Engage your child in a fun new way of thinking-- in the round! Students learn how to create shapes with volume, depth, dimension, and texture by exploring three-dimensional techniques such as hand-building clay, paper structures, and armature. This course guides you step by step in the creation of a one of a kind mixed media sculpture.

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Design & Paint a Skateboard

Sketching on a skateboard

Campers create art to Hang or Skate! Our artist guide campers as they paint their own, one of a kind skateboard they’ll be proud to show off at the skate park or display on the wall. Class includes a high quality, 100% Canadian hard rock maple skateboard, made in the USA!  See your local skate shop to add your own hardware.

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Summer 2021 Camps

June - August  2021


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