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New Kit Ideas!

Fun meets functionality with new art & craft inspired kits ready to take your creativity off the canvas. Enjoy unique projects you'll be proud to show off around the home or office.

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Need something fun and unique to inspire your group?
Want to take your creativity off the canvas?
Looking for new activities to boost teamwork and collaboration?

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What we offer...

Thrill your team with a fun, exciting, and unique experience. Your event is designed to build trust, confidence and team work while producing better communication, improving productivity and increased effectiveness. Create Mix and Mingle kits include everything you need - just bring your creativity we'll do the rest!

Knit Chunky Blanket

Knit Chunky Blanket

Knit Chunky Blanket: Get cozy and creative with an eclectic knitted blanket. All the comfort of Grandma’s knitted blanket but with modern style.

Learn a new way to knit with yarn using only your hands, no knitting needles required. No knitting experience necessary! 


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Ceramic Sweet Treats

Ceramic Sweet Treats 
Ceramic Sweet Treats: Paint three cute and colorful ceramic desserts that will add the perfect charm to any place in your home. They’ll look almost yummy enough to eat!

Each kit comes with everything you need. Paint colors vary. Each kit option includes cupcake, slice of pie and ice cream cone.





CoastersCoasters: It’s hard to find the perfect coasters to match your living room, so why not paint your own? Professionally made and functional, but with a touch of DIY that will give your coffee table that at-home cozy feeling.

The color and design options are endless! Take a look at our photo album below to see even more inspiration. 


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Daisy Mosaic Tray

Daisy Mosaic TrayDaisy Mosaic Tray: Mosaics add a cultured & eclectic vibe to any decor, and we make learning and sourcing all the materials fun and easy!

Learn the basics of this ancient art in a relaxing and fun environment. This charming daisy tray will teach you the groundwork and give you skills that will transfer to even larger mosaic projects. One color option available.


Door Hanger - Cactus

Door Hanger CactusDoor Hanger Cactus: Paint your own 12” Wooden Cactus! Use it as a door hanger, prop it next to your plants, or hang it inside your home-- the possibilities are endless. 

Each kit comes with all the materials you need to paint & string to hang. One size available. Paint colors vary. Create a cute cactus step by step, with no green thumb required!



Door Hanger - Custom

Door Hanger Custom
Door Hanger - Custom: Add a personal touch to your home with a hand-painted door-hanger. These hangers can be welcoming signs for the front door or porch, family name markers, custom commemorative signs, and more!

Each kit comes with everything you need. Paint colors vary. Check out more style and design ideas in our gallery below.


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Embroidered Canvas

Embroidered CanvasEmbroidered Canvas: Learn to stitch on canvas and create your own, wall-ready work of art. Thread on canvas has a three-dimensional quality which makes it dynamic enough to hang solo or become the perfect accent piece for any area in your home.

Paint color options are endless; simple colors give an intriguing base to build your design. Choose a simple pattern, geometric design, or even an abstract series of lines!


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Gradient Wrapped Vases

Gradient Wrapped VasesGradient Wrapped Vases: Ever heard of yarn bombing? That's right! Take something that should be hard and cold and make it soft and warm-- like a vase! You’ll find it is very zen to wrap the yarn around and the vase to achieve the perfect gradient.

Kit includes vase and colored yarn. Yarn colors and vase styles may vary. Add your own flowers for the perfect finishing touch!


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Macrame: Add dimension and texture to your wall-scape with this crafty Macrame wall hanging. Learn the skill of tying alternating knots to create beautiful patterns and display it with pride anywhere in your home.

With this small and fun project, you will learn fundamentals that can be used in any future macrame project. The kit includes everything you need. One style option currently available.




Mini Pineapple Box

Minin Pineapple BoxMini Pineapple Boxes: Be like a pineapple; Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside! This will look perfect on any counter-top or desk and will be a cute and functional way to organize small things.

Each kit comes with a ceramic 4 & 3/4" x 3" pineapple box, paint, and glossy seal to really make your creativity shine!



Mixed Media Portrait

Mixed Media PortraitMixed Media Portrait: Make working on yourself fun by creating this beautiful self-portrait. Traditional and non-traditional methods will be used to create a unique portrait of yourself that you will be proud to show off.

Celebrate your uniqueness with paint and other media techniques. Each kit includes everything you need to get inspired and find your personality.







Skateboard Art

Skateboard Art: Create art to Hang or Skate! Paint your own, one-of-a-kind skateboard you can be proud to show off at the skate park or display on the wall. 

Each kit includes a high-quality, 100% Canadian hard rock maple skateboard, made in the USA! See your local skate shop to add your own hardware. Choose a painting from our painting gallery to inspire you or choose your own design. Check out other inspirations in our skateboard photo album below.


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Throw Pillow Art

Canvas Throw Pillow


Throw Pillow Art: Fun meets functionality with this unique project. Throw yourself into a creative environment and create a cute way to display your own art, right on your couch!

Each kit comes with plush canvas throw pillow and paint. Choose a pianinting from our gallery or use your own design. See more ideas in our photo album below.


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Watercolor: Have a relaxing experience by learning a new way to paint that enables you to slow down and live in the moment. Learn to guide the water to create unique landscapes and characters.

With this fun kit you will have all you need to learn fundamentals such as wet and dry painting techniques, color building, gradients, and washes, to create one-of-a-kind illustrations.

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Watercolor Greeting Cards & Postcards

Watercolor Greeting & Postcards

Watercolor Greeting Cards & Postcards: We E-mail and text every day, but when was the last time you sent a card in the mail "just because"? These unique cards are the perfect way to reach out and brighten someone's day. Create beautiful watercolor greeting cards & postcards, and send them to someone you care about.

Each kit comes with one 5 x 7" (blank inside) greeting card + envelope, and two 4 x 6" postcards, preprinted on the back and ready to address & send, plus everything you need to make them into amazing works of art!

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Wine Glass Painting

Wine Glass Painting 
Wine Glass Painting: Let your creativity flow right off the canvas with our new wine glass painting kits. Create elegant, but simple artwork right onto a wine glass.

We provide all the art supplies you will need, plus the glass style of your choice. These personalized glasses are perfect to mark special occasions & conferences or to showcase a company or team logo.


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